Shabbat Dinner

Be a host, or be a guest, either way take a moment to separate and elevate your week with a Shabbat dinner sponsored by OneTable.

OneTable assists, post- college 20-30 somethings, in hosting dinners across the country. Whether it is a Shabbat tailgate at the K, or a chicken soup dinner at someones table, OneTable will nourish the meal both financially and through moral support.


OneTable encourages creativity, Shabbat no longer has to revolve around a table and roast chicken. With a team of coaches, OneTable will help you make your Shabbat dinner exactly what YOU want it to be.

TribeKC is working with OneTable to make hosting Shabbat dinner easier than ever. Enroll your dinner online, invite your guests, or open your doors to the public, and OneTable will help you pay for the meal. It's that easy!

Don’t have a table? Find a dinner and be a guest or host a picnic in Loose Park.