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Be the pioneer organization in Kansas City that builds a bridge between everything KC has to offer and the growing community of Jewish (and Jew-ish) 20-30 somethings. We aim to inspire, guide and motivate our people to embrace what they love about Kansas City and Jewish life.

Molly Hess
our People

Meet Molly Hess, she is a transplant from San Diego, who 7 years ago moved to Kansas City on a whim, following her gut, intuition, and a boy. After six years of working at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Molly decided it was time for a new challenge and leaned into working in the Jewish community. Molly has a MA in Art History and spends her time off cooking, traveling, and hanging with the coolest pooch around #RodgerHess; her husband Jon (the boy) is pretty cool, too. With a passion for meeting new people and introducing them to the city she has fallen in love with, Molly loves the work she does and looks forward to connecting with you soon.

Community Connector


Meet The Committee of Connectors

Do you love rock climbing? Punk music? KU Basketball? Beer brewing and drinking? There is a connector for you! 

The Committee of Connectors are responsible for planning events, Shabbat dinner, happy hour, and activities for TribeKC. Check our calendar for updates and opportunities!

our tribe

So who is a M.O.T (Member of the Tribe)?

You are! Whether you are Jewish, Jew-ish, Jewcurious, Jew-questioning, Jewish by association, Jewish by choice, culturally Jewish, culinarily Jewish, Kosher Jewish, not-so-Kosher Jewish, or however you see yourself as Jewish, you are welcome here.

TribeKC is an inclusive community for all people who identify as Jews, however you may define it.

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